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Knowing when you need to seek emergency dental care in Tucson, AZ, is not always easy. If you are debating whether to wait until Monday morning or the next business day, we urge you to contact us as soon as possible. Carlos Rodriguez, DMD, sets aside time in each day’s schedule to see patients with dental emergencies. You can also contact us most evenings and weekends.

Examples of Common Dental Emergencies

Knocking out a tooth or part of a tooth is always a dental emergency. The sooner you can get to our dental practice, the more likely it is that Dr. Rodriguez can save or reattach the tooth.

If this happens to you or your child, we recommend picking up the tooth by the crown if you can find it, rinsing it off, and placing it in a container with a small amount of milk. The crown of a tooth is the top portion, not the roots. If you do not have milk available, you can place the tooth in a plastic bag.

Below are a few other examples of typical dental emergencies.

  • Severe toothache that does not respond to non-prescription medication, ice packs, or other home remedies.
  • Dental abscess that causes pain, swelling, and inflammation of your jaw and face.
  • You lose or break a dental restoration, such as a crown or bridge.
  • You sustain a deep cut to your face or lips or any other type of severe soft tissue injury.
  • One of your teeth has partially dislodged.
  • You have a badly cracked tooth.

Dr. Rodriguez will evaluate your situation and complete the necessary treatment. Remember that you may need to schedule at least one follow-up appointment to ensure that the problem that brought you in for emergency dental care in Tucson, AZ, has been resolved.

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